Ceiling systems and coves

Reduced weight, sound insulation, air distribution – our ceiling systems meet the highest requirements. A perfect combination of design and function!

We supply complete lightweight ceiling systems and coves. By using sandwich panels made from fibre composites and coated with HPL or aluminium sheets, we can realise weight-optimised designs with individual contours and shapes. In addition, our ceiling systems and coves meet all specific customer requirements in terms of fire protection, stability and noise reduction.

  • Lightweight components made from fibre-reinforced foams or aluminium honeycombs (for example, coated with HPL or aluminium sheets)
  • Lacquered or printed surfaces
  • Straight elements and moulded parts with individual contours and shapes are possible
  • Integrated air conditioning (air ducts) and lighting
  • Huge range of mounting options
  • Perforations for uniform air distribution
  • Fire protection in compliance with EN 45545
  • No additional insulation or sound- absorbing measures necessary (“anti-drumming effect”)
  • Robust and sturdy