Air ducts

Customised, ready-to-install solutions: For us, “easy” means exactly that – and it applies both to installation of our air ducts and their subsequent maintenance and cleaning.

We deliver ready-to-install lightweight air duct systems and air diffusers. We use fibre composites to achieve lightweight and space-saving designs that take into account both the vehicle geometry and the installation space.


Thanks to their excellent insulating qualities, no additional heat insulation is required. Furthermore, our air ducts also have sound-absorbing properties.


Our components feature smooth surfaces and are impervious to standard detergents to simplify cleaning in the installed state. They also meet the latest require­ments for fire protection and stability.

  • Supplied in a ready-to-install condition
  • Lightweight and space saving
  • No additional insulation or sound- absorbing measures necessary
  • Simplified cleaning thanks to smooth, resilient finishes
  • Fire retardant and sturdy